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Wogboth (with pants??)

Thanks Jippon for extending your legggo genius to wogboth. They don’t make mutilated equine members then? What about vader’s light saber? that could do it? I am ready to see what you can do with photoshop… I love your lighting and DOF too. FAN ART ROOLS!

Lego My Pederson

Dunno about you all but i FEEL PRETTY AWESOME when i get FAN ART into my youtube inbox like this from that ace guy Jippon. Made out of Lego! I know lego had gotteen pretty cool but this is next level. Thanks Jippon! You made my weekend (Although it is pretty sunny and nice too). PLEASE SEND ME MORE FAN ART. I promise to publish it and make you famous.
(I have to agree with KielDaMan comment too Good job!)

In answer to your “Any tips on how to make a better boomerang (or Axarang :tongue: )?. Spelt Axerang (that helps it kill harder). You need equal measures of centaur mane (for the binding) and fairy dust (as the binding agent). Also need a full moon and some of the slimy excretion from cabbage eating slugs. That should get you started at least.

New FaN ART.. umm not sure about it.

NEw fan art from some guy?

next level fan art? or some guy hating coz he gotta a shit score at the game.. I like his/her drawing style.. solid linear quality, needs to work on their perpsective and shading is lnon-existant. A lot happening here – but is this perosn a fan of Simon Pederson? i think not – don’t tell me Wogboth is cooler than SP! lolzacaust.

Simon Pederson & Wogboth concept art from Rotten Dollies!

Still wazzing out hard on these amazing illustrations from Alana at Rotten Dollies. I look rool hard and but soft and vulnerable at the same time, Wogboth looks like a totally tuffy hard out!



Check out Rotten Dollies there’s some rool cool stuff eh!


simon pederson as drawn by a fan called Jo

This just got sent to me this mornign by some kid called Jo. He has really nailed me as a warrior hard.
imagine my surprise this morning when I wake up, grind up some fruit shit for a vegesmash, wang open my lappie and kapow! – FANART!. I am stoked!
Thanks heaps JO – you reall made my day and shit. I was losign hope on Centaurian the game as its causing me a few buggy problems like I can’t make the hero jump at the moment – but your excellent piece of inspired art has given me the courage to fight another day of unemployemt and self indulgence. CENTAURIAN THE GAME WILL ENDURE BECAUSE OF YOU JO!.